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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing Your NJ Home

At AAA Pressure Wash, we believe in going above and beyond to take care of our clients. We think this should include making certain that we are able to answer any questions that you may have.

  • What is pressure washing?

    Also referred to as power washing, this is a type of cleaning technique that utilizes high-pressure water spraying. That makes it much more effective than a standard hose.

  • Is the water hot or cold?

    Both are used depending on the surface being cleaned. For instance, cold water is more appropriate for dirt on just about any surface but hot water is better suited for grease or oil. Keep in mind, we are able to use hot water with our industrial-grade equipment. The standard pressure washers you rent or buy for DIY work from your local home improvement store is usually not equipped to handle hot water.

  • What type of cleaning can AAA Pressure Wash do for me?

    As a professional pressure washing company, we work with both residential and commercial clients. We are able to offer roof, deck, house, driveways and concrete washing for residential customers. For commercial clients, we offer parking garage and building cleaning.

  • Why is it important to hire a professional power washing company?

    There are a number of reasons it is a better idea to hire a pro to handle your pressure washing. For one thing, we have the right training, experience and equipment to get the job done and you will be much happier with the results that we get. Not to mention, pressure washing can be dangerous. Homeowners are often injured by pressurized water, hot water or falling from a ladder when attempting to DIY this task. Why take the risk when you can let a professional do it for you?

  • What is your Eco-friendly cleaning and why does it matter?

    At AAA Pressure Washing, we use practices that are better for the environment. That means no harsh chemicals that can harm our delicate Eco-system, including plant life or animals. It is important to take this approach now because it is the responsible thing to do.

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